Auditions:     Saturday, April 28th  – 5:00 PM (If you absolutely can’t make the this audition, call to schedule an appointment.)
Callbacks:     Sunday, April 29th 2:00 PM           
This play is an ensemble piece that has a lot of movement in the staging. Actors auditioning will participate in a group warm up and then be paired up to read from the script.
Please dress to move – wear comfortable pants and tennis shoes.
Roles available for teens 12 yrs - 19 yrs.

Monday, May 7th Read Through               6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Monday - Friday, May 28th – June 1st       9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Monday-Friday, June 4th – 8th                  9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Monday-Wednesday, June 11th – 13th      2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

One of literature’s most enduring young heroines, Meg Murry, is back (braces, stubbornness and all). She joins forces with the celestial beings of Mrs. Whatsit, Who and Which, her little brother, Charles Wallace, her friend, Calvin, to battle the forces of evil so she can rescue her father, save humanity and find herself. In the end, we know two things for sure: 1. Love CAN overcome evil and 2. There IS such a thing as a tesseract.


*Mrs. Whatsit – The youngest of the three celestial beings who accompany the children on their adventure. She gave up her existence as a star in order to fight the Dark Thing, but she first appears as a disheveled neighbor rumored to be a witch.
*Mrs. Who – Excellent with dialects and other languages. She often quotes famous thinkers and writers because she finds it difficult to find her own words.
*Mrs. Which – The oldest of the three celestial beings who accompany the children on their adventure. Her speech pattern is distinct with the first consonants repeated several times (almost like an echo).
*All distinct, eccentric, other-worldly, fun and funny characters
Meg – An awkward high school student who goes on an adventure through time and space with her brother and Calvin to rescue her father from an evil force that is attempting to take over the universe. She doesn’t, at first, recognize her own strength and abilities.
Charles Wallace – Meg’s intelligent younger brother (will cast older actor to play younger character) who is capable of reading minds and understanding situations in an other-worldly way. His abilities make him appear odd and precocious.
Calvin – A popular boy and athlete in Meg’s school who is surprisingly intuitive and open to adventure. He is one of many children in his family. He demonstrates a strong capacity for loyalty and affection as he ventures into the unknown with Meg and Charles Wallace.
Mother – An exceptional biologist who works out of her lab at home. She is a brilliant scientist who cooks meals for her family on her Bunsen burner. She writes love letters to her absent husband every night.
Father – Meg’s father and a physicist who works for a top-secret government agency that experiments with travel through space time in the fifth dimension. He is captured and imprisoned on the dark planet Camazotz.
Teacher -  Meg’s teacher who is hard on her.
Chris Henderson - A high school student at Meg’s school. A bully.
Principal Jenkins - Meg’s cold and unfeeling high school principal who calls her “belligerent and uncooperative” and implies that her family is in denial about Mr. Murrays whereabouts.
Postmistress - Doesn’t believe Meg’s father is ever coming back. Feels sorry for the Murrays
Happy Medium - A jolly woman (funny character) who sees things in her magic globe.
Red Eyes – Has a mezmerizing voice. He/she first appears as a voiceover on the planet of Camazotz – describing what is seen (like the voiceover in a commercial saying “Everying is fine here. Life is good.) We soon find out that he/she controls the people of Camazotz.  He/she hypnotizes Charles Wallace.
*Camozotian 1 – A resident of Camazotz. Explains how life is in Camazotz.
*Camozotian 2 – Another resident of Camazotz. Enters with his son and explains the patterns of their daily life.
*Camozotzian 3 – Resident of Camazotz who enters with his daughter and enlightens the visitors on how safe their neighborhood is.
* Like robots programmed to be happy.
Girl – The daughter of Camazotian 3. She skips rope in perfect rhythm.
Boy (Billy) – The son of Camazotian 2. He bounces a ball in perfect time, and then drops in and gets in trouble.
Aunt Beast – Seems like a scary creature at first but is actually a healing and loving being.
Beast 1 - A creature who has many voices speaking as one voice. Has the ability to change colors. Has many arms and tentacles coming from each hand.